Previous ICP Projects


Study shows real‐time data analysis and reporting of key indicators to help CII water users improve efficiency by identifying cooling tower water waste.



Study the ability of water absorbing hydrogels to reduce water requirements in turf.



Study the ability of polymer coated sand to hold water around the root zone reducing irrigation needs.



ARGO created Flip My as a tool for consumers and water conservation professionals to estimate project rebate amounts for turf removal as well as providing local resources to consumers based on zip code inputs.


Bay Foundation

Study the effectiveness of rainwater harvesting.



Evaluation of advanced oxidation reactor for water reuse in poultry processing plant.


California State University, Fullerton

Study uses sap flow sensors on avocado trees to help growers in southern California save irrigation water and improve water efficiency.


California State University, Long Beach

Effective water reuse in cooling tower systems.


California Turfgrass and Landscape Foundation

Study the effectiveness of BioChar as a soil amendment that reduces irrigation needs.


Cal Poly Pomona

Development and demonstration of a low-cost, solar-driven greywater system using membrane filtration and UV disinfection to produce water for non-potable uses.



Evaluate the use of drone imagery to improve irrigation management in golf courses.


Fisher Nickel

Study new conveyer dishwashing machine for commercial kitchens.


Frontier Energy

Evaluation of water and energy use of pre-rinse operations in commercial kitchens.


Frontier Energy

Evaluate the water and energy savings potential of replacing dipper wells with more efficient technologies.


Fruition Sciences

Study the use of sensor for vineyards plants to base irrigation on sap flow through plant.



Study the effectiveness of Actively Aerated Compost Tea as a soil amendment that reduces irrigation needs.


Rain Bird

Study the effect of pressure regulation on rotors and spray heads.


Rain Systems

Study demonstrates the Precision Injection Machine’s ability to implant hydrogel into existing turfgrass at the root zone level to use water more efficiently while keeping turf in good condition.


University of Arizona

Expanded landscape drip app to cover most areas of California, Arizona, and Nevada.


University of Arizona

Develop an app to assist customers in scheduling their drip irrigation systems for trees and shrubs


University of Florida

Study looks at four different types of soil moisture sensors and tested them on different soil types and salinity levels.


California State University Northridge

Study looked at three plots on campus; one control, one using hydrogel and the other using compost to improve water retention in the soils.


Project Green

Study looked at residential home water use data and benchmarked water use for each participating home as well as providing information about their water use in an attempt to modify water use behavior.

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