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Taking the First Step

Getting Started

Wondering how to get started to make your garden more California Friendly® ? You don’t have to do a major renovation.  Here are some ideas that will save water, improve plant health, and reduce run-off – all California Friendly® .

A California Friendly® garden is water efficient, so the first step is to…

Tune-up your Irrigation System

Irrigation drip line

An irrigation system that has leaks, broken parts and isn’t working properly can be the biggest water-waster of all. 

Aerate your soil and lawn

Over time, soil compacts and forms an impenetrable surface.  Aeration breaks up the hard surface so the water can soak in to give your plants more oxygen, nutrients and water.  And you’ll see less water running down the street.

Mulch your plant beds

Mulch your plant beds

Water quickly evaporates from bare soil.  Mulch minimizes water loss, helps control weeds, and returns nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.  Keep it replenished – it will help your garden look terrific.

Irrigation Upgrades

Irrigation technology is rapidly advancing to meet the needs of California Friendly® gardens.  If you’re ready for a little more challenge, consider upgrading your irrigation components for high-tuned efficiency and performance.

Plant Changes

Drought Tollerant Plants

Ready for a new look in your California Friendly® garden, but not ready for a total makeover?  It’s easy to change plants in a small area.  Be sure to match sun, water and space needs.

Design Changes

For those tired of the “same old” look or mowing the lawn that no one uses, an overall design change to California Friendly® may be the answer.  Take at look at some wonderful Garden Tours and Garden Galleries to get ideas.