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Protector Del Agua
This 3 1/2 to 4-hour course was developed for the residential customer and covers the basics of irrigation systems, watering and fertilizing, basic landscape design and plant identification.

Some hands-on exercises and demonstration displays help involve the participants further by giving them a better understanding of irrigation hardware and plant-water-soil relationship.

You must schedule classes through your local water agency. Individuals seeking information on class locations must check with your local agency.

Residential classes are usually held weekly on consecutive Saturdays and weekeday evenings.

For more information on California Friendly® Landscape Training (CFLT). contact Christel Webb.

The following topics are covered in the California Friendly® Landscape Training (CFLT). Residential Course (Each course is 3 1/2 - 4 hours):

Residential Class 1
Residential Class 2
Basic Landscape Design
  • Your landscape as part of your living space
  • How to develop a landscape plan
  • Hardscapes, patios, etc.
  • Plant selection
California Friendly® Plants
  • Benefits of using native plants
  • Plant selection tips
  • Planting guidelines
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Caring of shrubs, groundcover, trees and multi-category plants
Residential Class 3
Residential Class 4
Efficiency Irrigation Systems
  • Sprinkler system maintenance
  • Major irrigation design principles
  • The right sprinkler for the right job
  • Major overhead sprinkler types
  • Types of drip irrigation
Soils, Fertilizers and Watering
  • How long should you run your sprinkler?
  • How does soil affect plant growth and watering?
  • Irrigation control clock programming
  • Fertilizers
Residential Class 5
Mini Residential Class
  • Garden design for homeowners
  • Benefits of using California Friendly® plants
  • Sprinkler system basics for homeowners
  • Introduction to irrigation scheduling
California Friendly® Landscape Training Professional:

(Offered in English or Spanish)

Our original irrigation management education course was directed towards landscape maintenance personnel. This course consists of six 4-hour consecutive classes in landscape water management. Each class builds on principles presented in the preceding class. California Friendly® Landscape Training begins with basic irrigation principles of soil-plant-water relationships, and concludes with irrigation scheduling. Each class consists of a slide show with lecture and demonstration. Every participant receives a bound booklet for the course.

The following topics are covered in the California Friendly® Landscape Training Professional Course (Each course is 3 1/2 hours):

Class 1
Class 2
Irrigation Principles & Adjustments and Repair
  • Types of irrigation systems
  • Sprinkler layout
  • Sprinkler components
  • Sprinkler selection and spacing
  • Common sprinkler problems
Irrigation System Troubleshooting
  • Analytical approach to solving irrigation system failures
  • Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical problems examined
  • Practical training in the use of electrical troubleshooting equipment
Class 3
Class 4
Controller Programming
  • Basic and advanced controller features
  • Consideration of temperature/seasonal changes
  • Irrigation controllers are provided for in-class use
Irrigation Scheduling
  • When to irrigate?
  • How much water to apply?
  • Soil types and how they effect water-holding capacity and irrigation frequency
  • Instruction on use of specially designed ‘scheduler’ to estimate irrigation run times eliminating complicated calculations.
California Friendly® Landscape Training Plant Class:

(Offered in English or Spanish)

The Plant Class is a 6-hour class designed to give landscape professionals information in plant identification, characteristics, and water use requirement guidelines for over 40 common landscape plant species. Also included is general landscape water use information. The class consists of a slide presentation, two exercises and an optional garden walk-through. A class booklet is included with the class and includes color photos of common landscape plants and maintenance information. This class can be taught in one day or split into two 3-hour classes.

The following topics are covered in the California Friendly® Landscape Training Plant Course:

  • A slide presentation
  • A leaf identification exercise
  • A plant walk
  • A Xeriscape® design exercise

For more information on California Friendly® Landscape Training Programs contact Christel Webb.