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Botanical Name:
Acacia stenophylla

Common Name(s):
Shoestring Acacia, Dalby Myall

Mountain States Nursery
Fast, tough open evergreen tree 15-40' tall, with wispy, picturesque habit. Greyish phyllodes unusual being under 1/4" wide but over 18" long. Showy creamy-yellow flowers borne in small globular clusters against stems late winter through spring. It tolerates heavy soils & innundation. Very drought tolerant when established and hardy to at least 20f. Somewhat Texas Root Rot prone. Tolerant & tough. Good in groves. Australian. Tendency to form a V crotch weakening branches.

Information by George Hull MSN 
Tolerates 18f stenos=narrow
Sun: Full
Water: Low
Growth Rate: Moderate
Hydrozones: #1
Soil Type: Sandy
Soil Condition:
Soil pH: Neutral
Adverse Factors: N/A
Design Styles: Desert
Accenting Features: Silhouette
Seasonal Interest: Winter
Location Uses: Parking Strip
Special Uses: Full
Attracts Wildlife: N/A
Flower Color: Yellow
Flower Season: Winter
Leaf Color: Grey
Bark Color: N/A
Fruit Color: N/A
Fruit Season: N/A
Fruit Type: N/A
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