About the Book

California Friendly® is California’s future. Water reliability is dependent on using water wisely. We need to create sustainable gardens that rely on less water. This maintenance guide will help you support California’s future:

This book has been written for every landscaper, gardener and land manager in Southern California. It has been produced by the very first collaboration between three Southern California organizations, LADWP, MWD and SoCalGas. Feel free to download a copy of the book for free and use the information in your garden and help us create a beautiful, thriving and sustainable future.

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction

1. Your Water and Energy—Let’s get this right!

II. Irrigation: Maintaining Efficiency

2. The Gist of Irrigation

3. Controlling Your Controller

4. Irrigation Maintenance and Troubleshooting

5. Irrigating with Recycled Water

III. Plants

6. Grasses

7. Perennials

8. Shrubs

9. Succulents and Cactus


IV. Pests

10. Weed Control

11. Natural Pest Control

V. Stormwater

12. Stormwater: Infiltrating, Screening
and Cleaning Runoff

13. Managing Surfaces and Slowing Runoff

14. Rainwater Capture: Rain Barrels and Cisterns

VI. Additional Resources

15. Index