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Supply Allocation Plan
  Working Together Through the Drought

Allocation Press Release

Metropolitan’s Water Supply Portfolio

Call for Conservation

Managing Through Drought

Allocation Board Letter
Drought Impacts
Agriculture/Food Impacts
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  Jobs Impacts
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  Recreation Impacts
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  Fire Safety Impacts
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IO Tower   How Water Flows
The San Diego-based KPBS production company “A Growing Passion” shows where Southern California gets its imported water in the new show “How Water Flows.” View here.

Water Supply Conditions
  DWR’s Flyover of Lake Oroville in Sept. 2014

Metropolitan’s Current Water Supply Conditions

Metropolitan’s Water Surplus and Drought
Management Plan

Statewide Weather Information
Board Policy and Statements
  Metropolitan Water District Board Chairman Issues Statement on California Snow Survey, Governor's Drought Emergency Order

Metropolitan Water District GM Issues Statement on Initial State Water Project Allocation

Metropolitan GM Issues Statement on Legislative Passage of $7.54 Billion 2014 Water Bond

Metropolitan General Manager Issues Statement On Proposed Statewide Outdoor Water Restrictions

Heading into Hot, Dry Summer, Metropolitan Ramps up Conservation Call to Preserve Reserves During Drought

Metropolitan Expands Incentive Programs to Boost Region’s Conservation in Response to Drought

Metropolitan General Manager Issues Statement of Support for Governor Brown’s Executive Order to Intensify Drought Actions

Metropolitan General Manager Releases Statement On Water Allocation From State Water Project

Metropolitan’s 2008 Model Water Conservation Ordinance

  Metropolitan’s water blog General Manager’s Water Blog
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for the latest: “The Scoop on Metropolitan's Modified Turf Rebate Program.”
  H2oTalk General Manager’s Water Video Blog
View the latest with Metropolitan General Manager Jeffrey Kightlinger as he discusses topical issues as part of a continuing videotaped conversation about water in the West.
Local Drought Actions
Click here to learn about local community response to the drought.
Conservation Tips
Gateway to local conservation tips and resources: bewaterwise.com

California’s Save our Water Web Site
State and Federal Information
State Water Board Drought Year Water Actions

Governor Brown Directs First Ever Statewide Mandatory Water Reductions

Governor Brown Signs Legislation to Put Water Bond Before Voters

Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Drought Page

Association of California Water Agencies Drought Watch

The National Integrated Drought Information System “Drought Portal”

California Water Action Plan

Governor Brown, Legislative Leaders Announce Emergency Drought Legislation

Governor Brown Issues Executive Order to Redouble State Drought Actions
MWD Video
  Gov. Jerry Brown Meets with So Cal Water Leaders
Governor Jerry Brown Meets with Southern California Water Leaders
Gov. Jerry Brown met with Southern California water officials at Metropolitan headquarters, including General Manager Jeff Kightlinger (right), to discuss the statewide drought and the need to increase conservation. It was the governor's first visit to Metropolitan

Governor’s Visit to MWD


  Sacramento Bee: Delta Dispute Raises Urgent Question: Whose Water Is It?, July 18

L.A. Times: Shrinking Colorado River Is A Growing Concern For Yuma Farmers – And Millions Of Water Users, July 18

Sacramento Bee: Status Quo In The Delta Is Untenable, July 18

L.A. Times: Water Managers Dodge Bullet With “May Miracle” Rains, July 17

L.A. Times: How More Lawn Restrictions Could Remake the California Landscape, July 15

L.A. Times: A Journey Into the Drylands, July 15

Sacramento Bee: As Lakes Drawn, We Must Rethink Water, July 4

Sacramento Bee: Californians Cut Water Use 29 Percent In May, July 1

L.A. Times: Downtown L.A.'s Four-Year Rain Total Lowest Ever Recorded, July 1

L.A. Times: On The Depleted Kern River, Rafting Companies Look To Ride Out The Drought, June 30

Sacramento Bee: State Water System Stretched to Limit, Officials Say, June 24

L.A. Times: Mono Lake's Ecological Crisis is a Blow to Wildlife, L.A. Water Supply, June 24

New York Times: Troubled Delta System Is California’s Water Battleground, June 24

Sacramento Bee: Under New Plan, Folsom Lake Could Be Dangerously Dry Within Months, June 23

Sacramento Bee: UC Davis Study Finds Dry Weather Threatening California Wildflowers, June 22

Sacramento Bee: Lawsuits Challenge California’s Drought Plan, June 19

Sacramento Bee: Everyone Needs To Deal With The Drought, June 15

Orange County Register: In The Drought, O.C. Agencies Learn To Say “Conserve” In Several Languages, June 14

Sacramento Bee: California Curtails Senior Water Rights For Farmers, Others, June 12

L.A. Times: Dying Trees May Force A New Outlook On Irrigation During Drought, June 12

L.A. Times: State Attorney General Challenges Ruling Against Tiered Water Rates, June 11

L.A. Times: Gov. Jerry Brown Sees California Getting Through Drought, June 10

L.A. Times: Gov. Brown Says Fixing Delta Water System, June 10

L.A. Times: Backers Of Desalination Hope Carlsbad Plant Will Disarm Critics, June 4

L.A. Times: As California Drought Worsens, Experts Urge Water Reforms, June 1

Sacramento Bee: Brown Makes Case For Tunnels Project To Business, Civic Leaders, May 28

L.A. Times: Trading Grass For Cash: MWD Has A Winner On Its Hands, May 27

L.A. Times: Southland Water District Oks $350 Million More For Lawn Replacement Rebates, May 27

Sacramento Bee: Large Majority of Californians Support Water Restrictions Amid Drought, May 18

U-T San Diego: Even El Nino Won’t End State’s Drought, May 17

L.A. Times: Drought Kills 12 Million Trees In California’s National Forests, May 6

San Jose Mercury News: California Drought: State Water Board Passes First Mandatory Urban Water Limits In State History, May 6

Sacramento Bee: There’s No Time To Waste On Gov. Brown’s Delta Plan, May 4

U-T San Diego: State Facing Worst Drought In History, May 2

L.A. Times: California Snowpack Survey Canceled: “Drought Is Severe,” May 1

L.A. Times: What’s Next On California’s Water Rates? April 22

U-T San Diego: Persuasion Helps To Save Water, April 18

Sacramento Bee: It’s Time For An Honest Discussion About Water, April 18

L.A. Times: The MWD's Boss Tells It Like It Is On California's Water Woes, April 15

L.A. Times: Water Supplier Oks 15% Cut To Cities, Water Districts In Southland, April 14

L.A. Times: Drought Unlikely To Cause Major Damage To California Economy, Analysts Say, April 14

L.A. Times: MWD Plans To Ration Water To Southland Districts, Cities, April 7

Sacramento Bee: On Water, Big Ag Should Ante Up, Too, April 5

New York Times: California Drought Tests History Of Endless Growth, April 4

L.A. Times: Mandatory Water Cuts Put Pressure On California Communities, April 2

Real Clear Politics: Mega-Drought Threatens the American West, March 30

New York Times: As California Drought Enters 4th Year, Conservation Effort and Worries Increases, March 17

L.A. Times: California Has About One Year Of Water Left. Will You Ration Now?, March 12

CBS - Los Angeles: State Water Project to Increase Deliveries 5 Percent, March 2

San Jose Mercury News: California Drought Likely A Fixture, Says Stanford Study, March 2

Headlines Archive

A Sierra Nevada mountain comparison taken by NASA’s Terra satellite
Comparison images of Folsom and Oroville Lakes in 2011 and in 2015.