California Friendly® Garden of the Month

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is excited to introduce the California Friendly® Garden of the Month! Each month we will showcase an outstanding Garden from Southern California that is both visually stunning and water efficient. Each garden will feature a different theme and highlight the specific plants used to create the spectacular design. Our goal is to show that beauty and water efficiency go hand in hand while providing some inspiration for your own yard!

MARCH – Edible Gardens

This month we explore edible gardens. Did you know that you can save water in your vegetable garden by using drip irrigation and mulch? Drip irrigation ensures that you are putting the water exactly where it is needed so no water is going to waste, plus a thick layer of mulch helps the soil cool and keeps water from evaporating. Try both in your garden. Explore the Shopping List to learn about the plants featured in this video including water and sun requirements and price.

The California Friendly® Garden Guide lists more than 1,500 plants. Find out more about the plants mentioned in the video.


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